Discover a different world full of amazing creatures as we tour the Texas Gulf Coast by glowing lights in completely transparent kayaks!

The only TPWD and USCG compliant night-time clear kayak tour company on the Texas Coast!


It's as easy as showing up, choosing your vibe, popping a top, and enjoying an amazing experience under the stars! GlowRow® offers a fun, safe, educational nighttime kayaking tour that will leave you with an experience you will remember that keeps you coming back for more (and bringing friends!).

Equipment Provided

All necessary equipment is provided by GlowRow® Just bring yourself, your friends, and your beverage(s) of choice!

Choose Your Vibe

You're completely in control of your kayak's vibe. Choose your glow from seven different color combinations!


That's right! Bring your own bottle and let's make this a party! Must be 21+ to consume alcohol.


We're stoked you're ready to go! Make sure you check out the following helpful information before booking, especially the FAQs!

The Experience

Learn more about our GlowRow® tours, how they operate, and some important day-of information.


Our frequently asked questions page contains a ton of great questions and answers, along with other important info!


Explore our different tour locations and choose the one that's most interesting, closest, or just the first on your list!


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Jellyfish glowing


No, this is not seeing what “wildlife” is going to the local pub. In fact, there’s nothing quite like exploring the inlets and bays of the Gulf in clear kayaks with the water and seafloor below you illuminated clear as day. You will see numerous types of fish, crustaceans, birds, and, in some locations, curious submerged man-made objects. Any treasure hunters out there?


Our tours are not just a fun way to cruise the beach in style, they’re a great way to learn more about the area, the environment, and perhaps even yourself. There’s something relaxing and even ethereal about being in the middle of the water when it’s pitch black with fish, crustaceans, and birds all around… then you hear a dolphin breach and take a breath. Time to give chase! It truly is a magical experience that never gets old!

nighttime kayak experience


Our completely seethrough kayaks are equipped with multiple LED bars that allow each paddler to choose their favorite color (or carousel of colors). Coordinate with your partner or not, it's like dual climate control in a car but for lights, it’s all part of the adventure!

When you rent a kayak for one of our tours, you can rest assured that you will be both entertained, fulfilled, and completely safe for the entirety of your glowing adventure. You will be provided with a life jacket, safety light, emergency whistle, and an experience that you won’t soon forget. Each vessel has a yearly certificate of inspection and 360° visibility light. We carry flare kits and an electric torch with two-mile visibility. Our audio distress signals satisfy requirements by a factor of two and our visual distress signals satisfy requirements by a factor of five.

Needless to say, we take your safety very seriously. Our gear and operations are compliant with both Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and United States Coast Guard regulations and best practices. We are the only clear kayak tour company on the Texas Coast that can say that!



If you think you’re excited to go on a glowing kayak tour at night, you should see our staff. You won’t find anyone more dedicated, knowledgeable, or friendly - they love what they do, and they love making sure you have an amazing trip! Having grown up on the coast, they also know all the best spots to find the coolest sights and you might be surprised at some of the things you might learn from them on your trip. Who knows, it might even help you land your next Wordle in less than three tries! And if you’re lucky, you might even have a fish jump into the boat with you for a photo opportunity! Everyone has seen the movie "Finding Nemo" please be sure to return them.


We have lighted kayak tours in multiple locations, including Port O'Connor, Rockport, Port Aransas, and North Padre Island, with many additional expansions in the works. Check back often to see what we’re up to and where we’re glowing near you! And if you have an interesting kayaking trail or location we should check out, please let us know!

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