GlowRowTM operates in a variety of locations (check back often for new ones!). Here are the routes we're currently running!

Port O'Connor - Little Jetties

This route starts at the little jetty in Port O'Connor, TX and goes north along the

Port O'Connor - Bar Room Bay

We put in at the Inn at Clarks in Port O'Connor, TX, then head across the intercoastal waterway and into BarRoom Bay Flats.

Rockport - Little Bay

The Rockport Route tours the Rockport Ski Basin (Little Bay) along the backside of the Rockport-Fulton Beach.

Rockport – Paradise Key

This route will take us into the shallow part of paradise key, called “The Cove” where the fish start jumping and bumping into the kayaks.

Port Aransas - Lighthouse Lakes

This route will cross a boating channel at its deepest part. The rest of the route will be in the shallows of Lighthouse Lakes.

North Padre Island - Sunset Island

This route departs from Sunset Island and goes out into open water that is shallow enough to see the bottom, where the marine life is abundant.