Rent Kayaks in Corpus Christi

Kayaks are great for exploring Corpus Christi Bay, North Padre Island, and the surrounding waterways. You can rent kayaks from an outfitter in or near Corpus for an expensive hourly rate, or you can try something a little different. If you’re ready for a new type of kayak adventure, keep reading.

You might be asking yourself “why wouldn’t I explore the Texas coast by renting a kayak in Corpus Christi?” Well, besides the high cost and potential transportation requirements, you’re on your own! If you’re native to the area this might not be such a big deal, but if you haven’t grown up on the coast, there’s only so much interesting scenery you can see on a self-guided daytime tour.

So, we have another idea - save dinner and a movie for another night and enjoy the dazzling glowing waters illuminated by underwater LED lighting on a guided GlowRow transparent kayak tour.

If you are an adventure-loving soul, a nighttime lighted kayak tour of the beautiful Corpus Christi area should be at the top of your list.

What Is Night Kayaking?

With over 15 million people in the United States participating in the sport, kayaking has become one of the most popular water-related recreational activities. This pastime has a simple learning curve so that anyone can do it.

Nighttime kayaking, on the other hand, is a relatively new phenomenon that puts a unique spin on things. Book your kayak rental in Corpus Christi for a one-of-a-kind, guided nighttime tour after the sun sets and the moon is high in the sky. It's the perfect opportunity to take in the beauty of sea life at night, one of Earth's best-kept secrets.

On our tours, we encounter numerous wildlife species, including uncountable types of fish, dolphins, crustaceans, and birds. You’ll glide over flounder and stingray, hear the sounds of dolphins coming up for air, and maybe even have a fish jump right into your lap!

Our transparent glowing kayaks allow paddlers to experience a full buffet of sea creatures in their natural habitat. You'll never forget such beautiful sights.

The Best Corpus Christi Kayaking Tour

Who's down for an exciting adventure on the water? Whether you're a novice or a kayaking pro, you'll enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of Corpus Christ’s surrounding waterways. What makes our tours unique is GlowRow's state-of-the-art transparent kayaks equipped with seven LED light settings that you can use to create your own vibe.

If you've ever crossed the John F. Kennedy Causeway Bridge and been mesmerized by the vast blue waters, now you'll have the chance to get an up-close and personal view, at night. This scenic tour departs across from the beautiful Sunset Island just outside Corpus Christi.

During your journey along the edge of the intercoastal waterway, your tour guide will show you unique landmarks that you probably never knew existed. As you paddle under the dark starry skies, you'll notice beautiful sea creatures such as stingrays, a variety of fish species, blue crabs, enormous redfish, and so much more in the ocean depths beneath your crystal-clear kayak.

Learn more about the wildlife as you observe the underwater world just off the coast of Corpus Christi.

Why You Need to Experience a Kayak Tour in Corpus Christi

Whether you're a Texas native or a tourist visiting Corpus Christi on vacation, you don't want to miss out on this intimate experience. Trust us, you don’t want to pay ridiculous rates for renting a kayak during the day when you could glow with us. Here are three benefits of nighttime kayaking:

  1. Get a Great Upper Body Workout

    Skip leg day and get an excellent upper body workout while kayaking along Port Aransas. Kayaking is one of the best ways to get your daily cardio and build endurance. While paddling, you're working different muscles in your upper body, including your biceps, forearms, and abdominal muscles

  2. Experience Nature in a New Way

    If you're an outdoor enthusiast, you've probably already been mountain biking, hiking, and bird watching. It's time to switch up your routine and get out on the water! Night-time kayaking gives you a new and exciting way to explore nature, and our guests love it. After one of our tours, you'll have a different view of the dark and the fabulous underwater world below.

  3. Reduce Stress

    If you're searching for a relaxing activity to help clear your mind, a kayak rental in Corpus Christi/North Padre Island to explore the JFK causeway is the perfect activity. These nighttime kayak sessions are the perfect way to bond with friends, family, or loved ones as we can take out up to 20 people during a single trip.

    With all of the rowdy beachgoers out of the way, you will finally have the chance to admire the picturesque views in peace. The sound of water gently splashing with each stroke is very relaxing, and the soft glow of the LED lights against the star-filled skies is calming and meditative.

Is Nighttime Kayaking Safe?

If you've never been night kayaking, you're probably wondering if such an activity is safe. Here at GlowRow, the safety of our visitors is our top priority.

Our team of tour guides has years of experience in navigating the waters at night. Your tour guide will make sure that you are thoroughly prepared for your night out on the water by providing safety essentials and instructions.

We provide every guest with a USCG life jacket and a paddle lanyard, so you'll never have to worry about dropping your paddle. We also provide flashlights and emergency whistles.

Remember that we use transparent kayaks equipped with advanced and powerful LED lighting systems that provide illumination all around the boat, so the vessels are very easy to see.

Night kayaking requires good weather, and we'll never risk our guests by taking them out on the water in less than ideal conditions. In poor weather conditions, we'll simply reschedule your tour for a later date.

We don't recommend individuals with back problems, heart conditions, or other severe medical conditions participate in this water sport activity. Guests should have a moderate fitness level for the best experience on our unbeatable Corpus Christi kayak tours.

Book a Corpus Christi Night Kayak Tour Today

Are you ready for an unforgettable experience? We offer the best night kayaking Corpus Christi and North Padre Island have to offer. Together we'll take advantage of the enchanting waterways and the miles of coastal shorelines while everyone else is missing out. The total duration of this unique kayaking expedition is approximately an hour and 15 minutes.

If you are searching for a fun and adventurous night activity for you and your date or friends, why not embark on a water journey? Call us today at 361-746-3250 for the best kayak rental in Corpus Christi.